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MCFix Tech Solutions Inc. ('MCFix') undertakes to provide a viable solution to your computer and electronic equipment problems. Here are Terms & Conditions 2019:

Inspection Fee (Non-refundable)
The Inspection Fee covers the time spent by the technicians in disassembling, diagnosing or assessing the equipment to ascertain a cause and solution. Inspection fee starts from $50 incl GST, which will be taken off the final repair fee if a repair quote, has been approved to go ahead.

The term “equipment, device” is a general description to describe the customer’s device, such device may include and is not limited to computer, printer, storage media, smart phone and other electronic device.

The client authorizes 'MCFix' to conduct an evaluation of the equipment to determine the nature of the damage and provide an estimate of the repair cost and duration of repair. The customer authorizes 'MCFix', its employees and agents to receive and transport the equipment to, from & between its facilities.

Quotes are estimations only
All quotes provided by MCFix are estimates and are given based on the information available at the time of inspection. If the fault diagnosed is materially different from the initial inspection, MCFix will notify the customer and provide the customer with a revised quote.

Unresolved problem – “Free if problem not fixed”
Where the initial problem cannot be resolved, MCFix will not charge for its attendances in the repair and service for the equipment. The initial Inspection Fee remains payable.

Priority repairs (same day and 1 hour express) available upon request
Subject to the availability of hardware parts and complexity of the necessary repairs, MCFix may complete repair works on the same day or within 1 hour subject to the payment of additional fees.

Customer’s 100% Satisfaction warranty
(a) MCFix offers a 60 days ‘return-to-base’ warrantyon all hardware repairs and repaired parts only undertaken by it. This warranty covers equipment which has been used for its intended purpose only.
(b) If for any reason a hardware repair fails within 60 days from the first repair, MCFix will attend to one (1) further repair at no extra charge. MCFix will only endeavor to provide a maximum of one further repair to the same or similar initial hardware problem within 60 days from the first repair. Where the hardware failure has not been resolved by MCFix after two total tries within the 60 days warranty period, MCFix will return the equipment to the customer in the current condition. The initial repair costs, excluding Inspection Fee will be refunded to the customer.
(c) When a  warranty is contested, the customer must allow a reasonable time for the item to be checked by MCFix and if necessary, return the parts to the original equipment supplier / manufacturer, or order a new part again ,which in some cases may take up to four - five weeks. Additional charges may apply on request outside of warranty period.

Job Instruction
While MCFix will use its best endeavors to record the customer’s instructions, it is the customer’s responsibility to clearly explain in detail the nature of the problem. The customer acknowledges that MCFix’s initial inspection will be based on the customer’s instructions and it shall not be responsible for failure to diagnose or detect any other matters, which are not disclosed.

Customer’s responsibility to back-up data
(a) It is the responsibility of the customer to back-up all data on the equipment.
(b) In the event that back-up services are requested by the customer or back-up services are offered by MCFix and accepted by the customer, and where such back-up fails, the customer will be provided with secondary solutions as soon as reasonably possible if applicable or available.
(c) MCFix recommends removing all SIM cards and memory cards before bringing the computer or other items for servicing.

Equipment held by MCFix:
(a) Storage fee
The customer agrees to collect his / her equipment within ONE month of:
a quote being issued but the customer does not want to proceed with the proposed repair ; or the issue of an invoice following the completion of repair; or Where MCFix cannot undertake the repair for whatever reasons.

If the customer fails to collect the equipment after one month of either clause 9(a)(i), (ii) or (iii), then MCFix will issue the customer a first notice for collection. The customer will be charged a storage fee of $1.00 calculated on a daily basis from the expiry of the notice to the actual date of collection.
The customer acknowledges that MCFix has the right to detain the equipment if there is an outstanding payment for the repair and/or storage fee.

The customer further acknowledges that he/she has provided a contact address (phone, email or physical address) to MCFix and any communication delivered to the given address shall be deemed to be received by the customer the following day after the delivery of the message.

(b) Right to dispose equipment.
When a customer fails to collect the equipment within six months from the date of the first notice issued under clause 9(a), MCFix will issue a final reminder to the customer to collect within ONE week from the date of the final reminder. Where the customer does not take any action to collect the equipment within the final notice period, the equipment will be disposed in accordance with clause 9(c) without further notice to the customer.

(c) No further liability
All items not claimed within the notice period under clause 9(b) will be sold/Recycle/Dispose/disassembled for part resale or reuse. The sales proceeds less any outstanding payment, disposal and administrative costs will be refunded to the customer. There will be no liability or owing to or from with client and MCFix.

A non-refundable inspection fee starting from $25.00 covers the initial inspection and is to be paid up-front. The balance payment is due upon completion of a successful service, prior to release of the equipment (whether shipped, picked up or downloaded) to the customer, unless a special arrangement has been made. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs (irrespective of whether any repair is undertaken), custom duties and taxes to and from MCFix.

MCFix will use its best endeavors not to disclose any information on data files supplied with, stored in, or removed from the client except to staff or agents of MCFix.

12.1 MCFix will not be required to provide a solution if: –
(a) the customer does not provide copies of the licensed software; or
(b) the customer does not provide the access code to the customer’s equipment; or
(c) the manufacturer no longer stocks the required replacement hardware or software; or
(d) the service desired by the customer is beyond the expertise and scope of MCFix.

12.2 Alternative solution
If the customer desires an alternative solution to that offered by MCFix, then MCFix cannot warranty to provide such alternative solution within the terms of this agreement.

60 days warranty EXCLUSIONS
Warranty on most repairs are 60 days but some repairs like liquid damaged, heavy impacted or burnt cases will be not covered under any warranty. 
Glass or Lcd under the touch glass breaks or lcd having lines (pink /green or color lines or burnt cases are not under warranty cover.
Some repair doesn’t carry any warranty.
Please ask the technician for repair warranty details.

13.1 Software cover
All Repairs relating to:
equipment infected with virus, Trojans, spyware, adware, fake ware, updates; or Customer added applications, application changes, cache, script affects or process conflicts that damage or alter the Operating System or software environment
Will not be covered under the warranty .

13.2 Liquid damage
Equipment with liquid damage is more likely to be successfully repaired by MCFix if brought to it within 24-48 hours of the damage. While MCFix will use its best endeavors to repair damage caused by liquid spillage, the warranty shall not apply.

13.3 Operation of applications outside of MCFix’s premises
Due to different network setups, dial-up layout, Internet speed, or wireless setup outside of MCFix’s premises, MCFix shall not be obligated to and will not be responsible for the operation of applications such as Microsoft Outlook or other applications.

13.4 Cleaning of sensor, lens, PC and other equipment
MCFix does warranty on equipment cleaning, including digital camera sensor cleaning, camera lens cleaning, PC cleaning and other equipment cleaning. Customer is advised to inspect the equipment carefully on pickup or delivery and inform MCFix within 48 hours of any dissatisfaction with the cleaning service. Claims after 48 hours will be treated as a new service request.

Limited liability
(a) MCFix shall not be liable for any claims relating to the physical functioning of data storage media whether it is part of or a removable component of the equipment.
(b) The Customer acknowledges the inherent risk involved in data recovery. All repairs or work relating to data recovery or back-up services from MCFix; or where back-up is offered by MCFix and is not accepted by the customer; or where data for back-up services are not fully or correctly specified to MCFix, MCFix shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, alteration or corruption of any data, information, files, films or other media, loss of revenue or profits, incidental, contingent or consequential damages however caused, before, during or after service.
(c) MCFix's maximum liability of any kind with respect to services including the replacement of parts, including any negligence on its part, shall be limited to the sum equivalent to the cost of service quoted to the customer.
(d) Subject to claim policies of the courier company, liability of the courier companies in respect to loss of or damage to goods on delivery is limited to $200.00.

Disclosure statement
MCFix is not obliged to disclose information relating to the location of its workshops and repair stations to their customers.
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